addiction and mental illness are often intertwined


scientific reviews from the best research institutions in the world suggest that neurochemical imbalances play a vital role

in understanding why frustrating behavior continues

despite all the logic in the world to change

and why  suicide rates  among

those suffering from

dual disorder


stigma works to distort the reality of mental illness and addiction

are exponentially higher than the general population

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i just woke up dead

presents an unfiltered account

of what happens when the onset of bipolar

is exacerbated by sex drug and alcohol addiction 

read the research meticulously gathered in this site

review the studies and analysis compiled by an author

who recovered from addiction to earn a masters degree

 from one of the nation's premier research schools

this unique combination of

education - polysubstance abuse - mental illness - violent criminal background

and the fearlessness to write a raw, gritty, objective review of addiction

is what separates i just woke up dead from other memoirs

bipolar, substance abuse and violence

Source: Fazel S, et al. Archives of General Psychiatry. September 2010


bipolar and substance abuse

ijwd shows what research supports

why it is so important to   identify  

and seek help before it is too late

percentage of people convicted of at least one  violent crime