one lamb flew over the silent 12 interrupted monkey girl nests

films like "girl, interrupted," "one flew over the cuckoo's nest," "silence of the lambs" and "12 monkeys" all offer pop-culture depictions of psychiatric hospitals


three months were spent in three units of descending security levels in a psych ward

avid notes were taken of the surroundings

conversations with patients and staff members were also documented


                       hollywood was mostly wrong


here are actual documents, assemssments, rules for sexual conduct and details of what it means to be on a state-committment as mentally ill and dangerous

experience addiction
experience addiction
experience addiction


authentication of commitment

at a psychiatric hospital

provides credibility

that the portrait painted in ijwd is

not author frabrication or exaggeration

 this is a report -this is how it was

soul-searching moral redemption required more than just treatment - continue reading for research on the neurology that inhibits recovery and learn why

addiction and mental illness is not your fault

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