many addiction memoirs are embellished, exaggerated or made up completely. 

"i just woke up dead" contains criminal behavior that is crucial to realizing rock-bottom and is entirely true.


mania as part of a dual-diagnosis expresses itself when an addiction counselor is fabricated to meet court orders for treatment.

documents here varify the events.

nearly 20 charges ranging from felonies to petty misdemeanors were faced following a dozen arrests for actions committed while under the influence each and every time

genuine criminal or raging addict?

but what really propells the story are the details and ability to recollect what most addicts do not.

this was done by journaling, since early 2000.

notes, really, kind of like junkie research, only recorded as an active participant!


while documents and info are fun supplements, and can serve as a prologue, they do answer questions that the narrator has once the fog of blackout drinking fades at the onset of "i just woke up dead."


if you have never experienced a blackout, perhaps read the book first to really feel what it is like to wake up dead.

psychiatric hospitals

read what it is really like

hollywood is anaccurate

read about a court-ordered commitment

for a mentally ill


dangerous patient

see the actual documents verifying

three months

in a maximum security psych ward