1 in 5 women          1 in 59 men        

have been raped in their lifetime

source: national data on intimate partner violence, sexual violence, and stalking 2014 fact sheet

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rape involving drugs or alcohol to inhibit the victim

50.4% of female victims were raped by an acquaintance

43.0% were raped by an intimate partner


1,905 local domestic violence programs in the united states were identified

1,649 (87%) participating programs reported service data during the 24-hour survey period

66,518 women and children received services

20,267 hotline calls were answered

9,641 unmet requests for services were reported of which 60% (5,778) were for housing


programs report that of known survivor outcomes:


60% of programs report that victims return to the abuser 

27% report that victims become homeless 

11% report that victims end up living in their cars

on 17 september 2013

the national network to end domestic violence 

conducted a 24 hour census

$ money talks $

annual costs to the U.S.


rape $127 billion

[pain, suffering, and lost quality of life]


assault $93 billion

murder $71 billion

dui $61 billion


Each rape costs approximately $151,423

domestic abuse means more than assault

the risk of experiencing physical abuse

among those who also experienced economic abuse

was 4.68 times greater

than those who did not experience economic abuse

Economic Empowerment of Domestic Violence Survivors

79.6% of female victims of completed rape were first raped before their 25th birthday


research from the 2009 Allstate Foundation National Poll


over 75% of americans believe the recent economic downturn further strained domestic violence victims and survivors


67% of americans believe the poor economy has caused an increase in domestic violence